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2023 Is My Year! Or an empty promise destined for disappointment?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Where you are on your journey is where you are, and maybe it's not "the year." If you can be okay with this, you're growing. Evolving takes time, and one must be patient.

Every year I made the declaration, "this is my year!" And you know what? It never was. At least not in the way I imagined. Looking back now, I can see how I set myself up for failure. As each year came to an end, disappointment was inevitable. Not because I wanted

to succeed but because I was trying to leapfrog the work necessary to get there. I was never going to get from where I was to where I wanted to be in one year.

This can be your year if you've put in the work and have your goals realistically laid out. The year to start the business, ask for the promotion, etc. These are clear goals. Working towards something is powerful and keeps us on track to living our lives on purpose.

However, I was buried under a pile of unresolved emotions and looking around at a life that didn't check any box for what I wanted. I realized I was in a freefall, and it was never going to be "my year" with the mindset I had. There was a lot to figure out and sort out.

Fast forward, I've done that work, and it's taken years to find myself and understand what I wanted. Interestingly, over time, I no longer feel the need to claim "this year" as "the year." Why? Because I'm emotionally healthy. I foolishly thought I was taking control all those years. Truth, I had no control. There's a calm now because it's about evaluating the previous year and thinking about what's next. There is no switch to be flipped. It's about the evolution of the spirit.

No matter where you are emotionally or how strong or lost you feel, try seeing the new year

as a starting point to be an active participant in your life. Let it be the year to focus, evolve, and become more of whatever speaks to you. I see the beauty of being a work in progress. There's growth in that.

There's having your shit together and faking having your shit together. Don't confuse the two; you will end up comparing yourself to others and getting nowhere.

Here are the essential takeaways from my ten-year journey:

  • Tune everyone out. Trust that you know best. It's impossible to hear your voice when making important choices for yourself when you involve the outside world.

  • Eliminate statements like, I should, or I have. Replace them with I want.

  • Ask yourself what needs to change. Break it down into small steps. See the big picture, but don't let it overwhelm you. The small steps matter and will lead to the big picture.

  • Keep your plans to yourself and work silently. Baby plants are given protection from the elements until their deeply rooted. In our world, the elements are well-meaning loved ones imposing their beliefs, fears, or what they believe is right for you. Allow your goals to become deeply rooted before sharing.

  • Stay the course. You will have setbacks, but don't make them more significant than they need to be. Maybe the "setback" is an opportunity in disguise (I know, annoying but true). However, another empty new years resolution will be more irritating.

  • Only you know, and only what you think matters. When you feel inspired, you're on track. If you feel tired or discouraged, immediately stop what you're doing. All you need is a reset. For me, nature always brings me back to center. Find your thing and let it be your go-to. These feelings are normal, but most try to push through. We do not create anything significant when pushing through. Allow yourself the space to reset. You can apply this to all areas of life.

I did something very different this year. I chose to celebrate the success of 2022. Honestly, why hadn't I done this sooner? A lot of what I see online is about drive, achieving, and dominating our fields. We can do both but allow a celebration of yourself and all that you HAVE done. See it as wrapping up a year and a job well done. 2023 will take care of itself as long as we remain committed to our goals. From me to you, well done for whatever you have achieved, big or small, in 2022. Here's to evolving onward into 2023, and Happy New Year!

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