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A few of the clients I've worked with


Kelly H. "Wow! It was an amazing personal experience! I feel like I definitely developed positive ways to keep moving forward toward my vision and I feel inspired to continue on this path. Overall, it was a meaningful journey together that stays with me as I navigate my daily routines, roles, and connections to myself and others. I feel gratitude and a deep respect for my coach Sharon."
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Jackie P.  "Sharon was an excellent guide through the material. She helped me navigate some uncomfortable and unexpected issues that came up. It was an encouraging and enlightening experience. I felt a shift in some long-term stagnation and see progress. I'm hopeful my vision is closer to fruition."
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Linda B.  "Although I am older (senior senior citizen), I still found new awareness of past experiences that were causing me to be stagnant in life. I am now venturing into things I have dreamt of but have not pursued. I am writing again, joining a writing group, and doing other things that have been of interest to me for years."
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