Feng Shui Observes How your Surroundings can Promote or Diminish your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

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Ensuring a Positive First Impression.

Feng shui is used to address any energetic issues that could distract the potential buyer from positively seeing the property.  If these distractions are not addressed, it can leave the the potential buyer to conclude, "it just doesn't feel right". 

The initial listing, and creating a positive first impression are vital.  I can help you determine the best areas to focus your time and attention on, making your home stand out from the rest.  The time invested in will increase the odds of a quick sale for the desired amount.  My goal is for this to be a positive experience for all parties.

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The First Step in Creating a Clean Slate.

Clutter is a four letter word for most of us. Even with the door closed, it speaks to us from the other side.  Left unaddressed, it becomes stagnant energy.  When the flow of energy meets up with clutter, it becomes stuck, and so can life.  All areas count.  This includes, attics, garages, closets and basements.  If during a consultation I saw the area of your home that holds Wealth and Prosperity filled with clutter, I would not be surprised to find out you were experiencing financial issues. This is also true for your health, career and other important areas. 

Space clearing is done to break up and remove any stale or negative energy.  Once clear, a blessing is done to set new intentions for the space.  This should also be done after a significant or life changing event.  These being a prolonged illness, divorce or financial hardship.  Wether it's new construction, or an existing home, this sacred process should be done.  While a space may be new to you, it will still hold the energy of the previous occupants.  Space clearing is the energetic version of gutting a room you are looking to remodel.  This process breathes new life into the space, restoring a healthy flow of energy.

For most people, not knowing where to start is the issue.  Working together, we will come up with a plan that will remove the stressful feelings around this blocked energy.

Bright Living Room


Setting the Stage for the Best Possible Outcome.

Our home and workspaces hold the energy, or chi flow, for all important areas of our lives. Our Career, Knowledge & Self Cultivation, Health & Family, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Love & Marriage, Creativity & Children and Helpful People & Travel.  When these areas are not balanced, it will have a negative impact on them.

We've all experienced spaces that felt warm and inviting, but we've also been in spaces that left us feeling cold and unwelcome. The principles of feng shui help you to consciously choose the changes needed to bring your space into balance. To better support all areas of life, or improve them beyond expectations. 

I feel privileged to be a part of this ancient practice that has existed for over 4000 years in Chinese culture.  I have seen the profound, and positive impact it can have on peoples lives.

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