Feng Shui Observes How your Surroundings can Promote or Diminish your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.



It's the vital energy that connects and moves everything through the cycles of life.

We are surrounded by living energy at all the times. Standing on the platform as a train pulls in, we feel the racing energy. We know to brace ourselves and stand back.  Floating down a lazy river, we are free relax and go with the flow.  We know we're safe.  The goal is to set up our lives and spaces to reflect the lazy river.  It opens us up to receive and aren't so reactive.  Does it immune us from life events? No, but you'll be in a much better mindset to meet the challange.

All things in the physical world, including ourselves, hold energy. Like ocean waves, it's constantly moving. When it becomes stuck it's like stagnant water. It's as alive as we are and has its own vibration.  All of these energies are colliding with each other when things are not balanced.  We often assume a chair is just a chair, but it's not.  It is holding energy.  Did you "win" the chair in a divorce?  Ask yourself this, what do you feel each time you look at that chair? What feelings or memories does it bring up? Were you sitting in it during a particularly painful argument? Do you want that energy sharing this new space with you, or would you like to start fresh?  This applies to everything we own.  This is just one example of how energy impacts us. Let's take the same chair.  Was it your mothers favorite?  It's no longer just a chair, it was your mothers favorite.  It holds fond memories.

This applies to all of the spaces we spend anytime in.  We share many spaces with other people and their energy as well.  Feng shui allows you to recognize the imbalance and apply its principles correct it.  Like a clogged drain, once it's cleared, the water flows with ease.

Understanding this, helps to see the importance of how we keep our homes and what we bring into it.  Marie Kondo distilled the process into 4 brilliant words. "Does it spark joy?"  It is that simple. If it holds any other low vibrating energy like, guilt, obligation, someday, etc. It should go.  With each low vibrating energy you release, by default, you are lifting the energy.


A Clean Slate.

In the practice of Feng Shui the Bagua map is used to map out homes and offices building to locate the areas that correspond to the various treasures, giving every part of the space significance and meaning.  The word Bagua describes the eight basic building blocks of the I Ching.  Each area is associated with specific "treasures" in life.  Career, Knowledge & Self Cultivation, Health & Family, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Love & Relationships, Creativity & Children and Helpful People & Travel.  

All of these important areas are being represented somewhere in our home or office.  This is why the first step is to remove all clutter.  Where there is clutter, there is stuck or stagnant energy.  All areas count. Whatever causes the most anxiety, is your starting point.  If you'd be too embarrassed to have a guest see it, it needs your attention.  This is your home and you should be your own priority.  We return here to rest and restore our own personal energy. 

Broken items hold broken energy. Plants that are not thriving hold an energy of sickness, etc.  These are not energies you want to share space with.  Clutter translates to chaos.  Chaos leads to confusion. Confusion leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to feeling overwhelmed.  You see where i'm going with this.  There is no positive outcome.  If there are 5 people in the space, it's amplified.  Clearing the clutter is the starting point.

A Feng Shui consultation takes a lot more into consideration.  It looks to see how the elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are represented.  The shape of the structure and property.  Is the structure on a busy road?  Next to a busy hospital? With out the proper Feng Shui remedy, you are being impacted by all the energies swirling around that hospital.  It all needs to be considered to ensure balance.  If there is too much or too little of an element, it will have an impact.  

* Too much Fire, conflict. Too little, unsocial. 
* Too much Earth, sluggish.  Too little, irresponsible.

* Too much Metal, rigid.  Too little, scattered.

* Too much Water, indecisive.  Too little, short attention span. 

* Too much Wood, Impatience.  Too little, chronic inactivity.

These are things I look at and explain how to remedy.  These adjustments will bring the space into balance to better support you and create the lazy river.

Chinese Pagoda.jpg


Setting the Stage for the Best Possible Outcome.

For the family home, there is harmony. Everyone feels represented and loved.

For the work environment, it becomes more productive. There is a willingness to work together as a team. 

home and workspaces hold the energy, or chi flow, for all important areas of our lives. Our Career, Knowledge & Self Cultivation, Health & Family, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Love & Marriage, Creativity & Children and Helpful People & Travel.  When these areas are not balanced, it will have a negative impact on them.

We've all experienced spaces that felt warm and inviting, but we've also been in spaces that left us feeling cold and unwelcome. The principles of feng shui help you to consciously choose the changes needed to bring your space into balance. To better support all areas of life, or improve them beyond expectations. 

I feel privileged to be a part of this ancient practice that has existed for over 4000 years in Chinese culture.  I have seen the profound, and positive impact it can have on peoples lives.

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