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Our home is where we begin and end each day.  If it's disorganized and unbalanced, it will have a negative impact.  We take this mindset out into the world with us. The goal is to have a home that restores and nurtures us.  To regroup and recharge our mind and body.  This is the energy we want to call in.  We now greet life with a clear vision for the goals most important to us.

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Whether it's an open floor plan or a cubical layout, if not designed properly it can have a negative impact.  Using Feng Shui principles I can see where issues are. Issues translate to conflicting ideas, power struggles, and lack of inspiration to name a few.
With some adjustments, we can create a harmonious environment that supports collaboration, protictivity and creative thinking.  This translates to an environment that feels inclusive and supportive.  This forms a reputation that attracts talent. Success and growth are inevitable.

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Contemporary Boardroom


I untangle the mystery around Feng Shui, and how to use this sacred practice to move all areas of life forward.

Whether it's a large or small group, I will design a presentation that will be experiential. Using images that will enable everyone to "feel" the impact energy has on our environment and learn to recognize an imbalance in the environment. This includes how we energetically connect with the people in our lives.  This allows for better and more effective communication. Conflicts resolve easily, and relationships improve.

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We are responsible for the life we create. We get to choose, at any point, what changes we would like to make.

Using Feng Shui wisdom, I help to remove any energetic blocks there may be. This can translate to the feeling you've hit a plateau, in any area. Feeling as if you cannot seem to move something forward. Want to do more, but not sure what that is. We become really uncomfortable when we are not living an authentic life.
Major life transitions. There is usually a lot of energy swirling around this. Thoughts jumping between the positive and negative potentials. I help to pull in all that energy and ground into how this change will feel. We can think about it intellectually, but better choices are made when we include how we will feel. Now decisions are made from a more balanced perspective.

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