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The holidays aren't for everyone, maybe even hard for some.

So, I had an idea....

(literally last week)

Why not put a group together and teach the magic of creating a vision board for the new year?  Group energy is incredibly uplifting and a great way to move through this holiday season. 

Every year I create a new vision board for the upcoming year. It feels sacred, and I've always done it alone. I'm asked all the time, what I do? "Is it just cutting things out and sticking them on the board?"

Well, yes, but it's waaaaay more than that. 

The energy and intention we bring to what's chosen for your board are essential. This is powerful, we are curating our future, and it can literally look however we want it. There are no limits, dream as big as you like! 

I combine my love of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction to manifest everything important to me.
Feng shui is about creating balance. Each area of life is considered and 
represented. Most just focus on love and money. Life is so much more than that! Using the Bagua map, every area is given equal time. 

This vision board will act as your lighthouse and guide you to make choices that are in alignment with your vision.

The Details:

* We will begin on December 12th and meet each Monday over Zoom at 6 pm EST.  

* We will meet for five weeks, each session lasting 75 minutes.

* Our last meeting will be on January 9th.

* At our final session, I will explain how to create a ceremony around putting your board together.  (so much fun!)

* I recommend being at each live session, but if you cannot attend, you will receive the recording.

* Have access to a private Facebook group to share thoughts and ask questions.

My intention with this program was to make it accessible to whoever may need or want to participate this holiday season.  

The special pricing is $111.11.

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