• Sharon Radigan

What is Feng Shui?

Updated: Jan 19

This ancient practice is not something you're supposed to get, it needs to be studied. I had to take an extensive course and submit multiple final projects for review before I could receive my certification. I needed to show that I fully understood all the principles and how to apply them. You cannot truly understand what you have not taken the time to learn.

Let's look at it another way. Most of us practice some form of feng shui intuitively. A room can feel warm and welcoming or cold and unwelcoming to us. This is the energy, or lack of it, that we're feeling. We move furniture around looking for the perfect layout, careful to leave enough space around each piece and not block doorways. We need to be able to mover around the room without obstruction. If it doesn't feel right, we start over. With each adjustment we step back and take it all in. Does it work? The question really is does it feel right? We are energy in human form and understand the importance of being able to move freely around our home. This is no different for the unseen energy, chi. It also needs a clear path.

For the final touches, we, myself included, will spend an entire day hitting every HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Marshalls, and At Home, trying to find that 4th pillow to match the 3 perfect pillows in our trunk. Each step is very important to us. When a room is complete, we feel complete. Have you counted how many times I’ve used the word feel? We feel our spaces and that is why the things we choose, and where we place them matters.

Outside of the obvious like hoarding, nothing is necessary bad in feng shui. There are some things that are not ideal, but there are remedies for this. There is also a misconception that feng shui involves making dramatic changes, this is not always true. Whether you are in a suburban home with a large piece of property, or an urban apartment with a balcony, feng shui will still work for you. In fact, apartment living usually presents more of a challenge, but where these principles will have the biggest impact on your quality of life.

Unlike learning the guitar, you can read up and apply some basic feng shui. The more advanced practice is taking much more into consideration. Is the property being negatively impacted by its location to a busy intersection? Does the landscaping support the home? Is the floor plan impacting the flow of energy? We've all seen that one storefront that is always for rent because every business trying to make a go of it ends up closing. Why is this when the surrounding stores seem to be thriving? Or that one house that always seems to be for sale? There are reasons for this. Feng shui helps to see the unseen, and make adjustments. A practice that has been around for over 4,000 years, speaks for itself.

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