• Sharon Radigan

Is Self-Storage a More Organized Way of Hoarding?

It seems like overnight self-storage places are everywhere. Some, just across the street from each other. Supply and demand. This billion-dollar industry saw the demand and continues to supply. The average cost per month ranges from $50 to $150, depending on where you live and the size of the unit. Now that you have everything carefully stacked, you'll need insurance. What are the contents worth? The amount of insurance taken will dictate the additional monthly cost.

Do they serve a purpose? Yes. When I was relocating to another state, I stored my things until I found my new home. I had a small unit that cost me $124 a month, with 5,000 of insurance coverage. Lucky for me, I only needed 3 months. This is a perfect temporary solution. The problem is that for many it is not temporary. My small unit would have cost me $1,488 for the year. Some are kept for multiple years, without a single visit. Others are abandoned all together, and its contents put up for auction. Some may not mind the monthly fee. The check total for a nice dinner could run the same amount, compared to storage for a whole month. True, but here is the slippery slope. Out of sight, out of mind, time flies and three years later you realize this has cost you $4,464.

One mans trash is another mans treasure, and our things have meaning that are very personal for us. I'm not speaking to sever cases of hoarding, which is a disorder that requires professional help. The question we should ask ourselves is, do we "need" this or do we "want" this? The reality is if these items meant so much to us they would not be boxed up, left to sit in the dark alone and sad. This is a form of hoarding, and requires us to do something we don't feel like doing. Going through things and making decisions on what to do with them is overwhelming, but it needs to be done. Things we love deserve to be enjoyed.

You no longer have to give up a beautiful weekend on a garage sale. There are so many other options available. When I moved, I sold everything. Some things for a few hundred, others for few dollars. It all added up and I made a few thousand dollars. It could have gone the other way had I been precious about every item. This would have cost me a lot more to move and store. Some things are to be enjoyed for a time, and then passed on to the next person. This also gives permission to buy new things, without the guilt. Keep what really means something to you, and mix in purchases that breath new life into your living space. Remove the stress of always feeling, "I really need to go through that storage unit". There are much better way's to spend $4,464 dollars.

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