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Chi flow and Feng Shui

Chi, also known as energy, is the invisible life force always moving around us. When applying the principles of feng shui, you are arranging your space to allow that energy to flow freely. When you see wind turbines at work, you understand they capture energy, but the power cannot be seen. This same energy is moving around us all the time. Stand on a platform as the train pulls in, and you will be clear on the force of energy you've just experienced. The power we feel is the energy that has collected around this train as it pulls into the station. We may not see it, but we feel it.

We need to set up our spaces to allow this energy to move in a way that supports our lives. For things to flow, there can be no obstructions. When there's a blockage, things back up or stop working altogether. Look at what happens to stagnant water or when a clog causes the sewer water to back up. You take steps to prevent these potential problems knowing the damage they could cause. The same is true for our bodies. When we've gone several hours without food, we feel depleted. We understand that it's time to fuel and restore our energy. The literal translation for the yoga practice, Qi Gong, means energy work. Kundalini yoga is also about activating the dormant energy at the base of our spine to move up through and activate the chakras.

Clutter creates a blockage. It prevents the energy from moving at all and becomes stuck. Not dealing with this, it becomes stagnant energy. Intellectually you can dismiss this, but stand in the middle of it all, and you will feel it. What thoughts come to mind looking at all that needs to be done? For most, it leads to a thought pattern that is no longer about the items. It becomes judgment and negative self-talk. We become overwhelmed, and no action is taken. If the clutter belongs to someone else, the relationship will be negatively impacted.

What's the best way to begin? Just start. Garages, basements, and closets cannot be overlooked. Shoving everything in these areas instead of dealing with the items will only give the appearance of order. All areas count in feng shui.

Here are just a few ways blocked energy can disrupt our lives. You get to work and don't want to be there or feel uninspired. You come home at the end of the day and always find yourself on the couch. You moved into a new house, and nothing's gone right. These spaces are letting you know the energy is not moving or stuck.

If you believe in the power of energy and understand the implications of obstructions, consider the importance of the impact it can have on your spaces. A feng shui consultation would identify any potential issues and give solutions to restore the flow of energy. A healthy and balanced flow of energy supports all areas of life.

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