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Feng Shui & Vision Boards

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

I’ve been setting intentions for a long time. Like many, I only focused on two or three areas of life.

After becoming certified as an Essential® Feng Shui practitioner and understanding what a balanced life looked like, a lot changed. I broadened my view and was happier with less. In the past, my vision boards were random. The theme was about collecting things. The “stuff” I desired occupied the whole board. Now, using the Bagua map, I can see the bigger picture. There were all these other areas I’d never given much thought. This tunnel vision translates to an imbalance in life.

Let’s talk about the Bagua map.

When doing a consultation, we lay this map on the floor plan to see where these energies are “living” in our spaces. Using Feng Shui to create a vision boards was destined. The Bagua map fits perfectly on the vision board. The individual boxes are called guas. As you lay the map on the board, you’ll see that the top left corner is Wealth & Prosperity, and the top right corner is Love & Relationships. The bottom left corner is Knowledge & Self Cultivation, and the bottom right corner is Helpful People & Travel. Fill in the remaining squares as you see them on the map.

Let’s use Creativity and Children as an example. This one can be confusing, especially for single people and empty nesters. Unfortunately, maturing in our culture means letting go of “childish fantasy” to achieve success. However, success is relative to the individual. There are plenty of successful people living out their childhood dreams. If you’d like to write that novel, this is the area to set that intention.

Choose images and quotes that speak to the child in you. I have pictures of books to inspire my writing. Images of rainbows. This quote by Albert Einstein, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Another by George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing." This can look different for everyone. The couple looking to start a family will choose things that support their desires. I’ve also used this space for pictures of my adult children with affirmations around their success. It can hold multiple desires, just not conflicting ones.

As we look at the map, it’s clear there isn’t any area we’d sacrifice or deem unimportant and not worthy of our consideration. It all matters if we are looking to live a whole and balanced life. We wouldn’t give all our time and attention to Wealth and Prosperity at the expense of our Health & Family, just like we wouldn’t give all our time and attention to Fame & Reputation and neglect our Love & Relationships. The Bagua map puts our world in perspective.

We were brought to school in 2020 and 2021. We learned to appreciate things on a much deeper level and have seen how quickly it can all change. Does this mean we shouldn’t have a grand vision? No. Dream big but stay grounded. It’s about having the big dream without forgetting the importance of everything else. The Bagua map helps to create a vision board where all of what makes life beautiful, rich, and full are represented. We can seek fame and stay mindful of our loved ones. Build wealth while being conscious of our health. This is the balance.

For me, creating a board is a solo practice. I prepare the environment with music, candles, and fresh flowers. I meditate and honor the sacredness of what I’m calling in—asking these questions. Is what I’m choosing in alignment with the goals I’ve set for myself? Is there a balance? Spend time reflecting on each area and ask yourself the same questions. Most importantly, have fun with it. Try not to get caught up in thinking, am I doing it right? Get lost in the adventure of having all you desire, and you cannot go wrong.

The image is of the Bagua map used for doing a feng shui evaluation. There are 9 squares, each one has a lable. Career & path, Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Health, Wealth, Fame, Love, Creativity, Travel and center.

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